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AI based Resume Analysis to engage with your clients

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

As we know how difficult it can be to go through thousand of resumes and find the right one. AI can take the pain out of the process. Advanced AI based Resume Analysis service helps recruiter to retrieve relevant candidate CV's based on job description from your on-premises or cloud database. All fields extracted from Bulk Resume Parser is processed by AI based deep machine learning model to enable your resume analysis in right direction. With well designed advanced Information extraction model with indexed, scoring and ranking functions to retrieve relevant resumes based on a user request. Various text embedding distributed representations is completely based upon neural network model. These distributed representations have been used in different Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. The Average Text Embedding (ATE) is a AI based technique to manage long sequences of data in the form of total experience, skills, compensation, education, contact details, current employer, reference details and project details etc. Resume analysis service solve the screening problem or at least bring down the time of manual scanning through ML techniques. Experimental results of over 1 million resumes show that our solution can significantly improve the CV ranking rate based on total experience, current skills, position, salary, educational background and company scale.

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