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Are you looking to develop and implement ultimate chatting machine for your business? Our cognitive Chatbot builder platform will help your business to develop and implement out of the box customer engagement solution which will work better in terms of saving resources and understand the customer or visitor’s behaviour. With our Rule based and AI based Chatbot implementation,  we help businesses gradually and eventually reduce their customer support turn-around time and cost. Whether your business is Healthcare, Fintech, E-commerce or Automobile, we at Meraanix allow you to develop the best conversational strategy for your business which makes customers easy to interact anywhere anytime 24/7. We provide below Chatbot services which will help your business to acquire, engage and support customers in a better way. 

  • Cognitive QnA, Virtual Assistant Chatbot

  • Chatbot Call Center

  • Sales Chatbot

  • Chatbot Innovation

  • Chatbot Planning and Research

  • Customer Service Chatbot to help businesses to get closer to customers

  • Loan Advisor Chatbot

  • Financial Advisor Chatbot

  • Virtual Chatbot Advisor

  • AI Chatbot that respond to Natural Language

  • Rule based or basic Chatbot that can respond to specific commands 

  • IT Helpdesk Chatbot to increase IT support efficiency

  • Appointment Booking Assistant Bot

  • Bus Ticket Booking Bot

  • Movie Ticket Booking Bot

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