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Bulk Resume Parsing Service

With Meraanix cloud based SaaS Bulk Resume Parser you can relax and stop manual resume feeding into database which is time consuming and cumbersome in terms of manpower and hiring process.


Using latest cloud based big data services, Bulk Resume Parser will help you to automatically ingest all resumes whether old or new from your hard disk or email folder, parse data and store every details into AI based deep trained model to be used for AI based resume analysis and advanced skill search.


Bulk Resume parser also provides cloud based storage to store your resumes into cloud data environment. The data in the cloud can be used for further data extraction and AI analysis to analyze the candidate skills, projects, designation, domain and years of experience etc. for matching job against right candidate skill sets.


Bulk Resume parser can be also integrated with various CRM application like Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft CRM etc. to integrate candidate details with the existing CRM workflow. We can also customize parser to meet your business requirement and deliver the customized version on behalf of your API domain with cloud based network security and authentication.

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